About Marnie and Steve

We’ve retired! After careers in public education and consulting, we are ready to pursue new adventures. This blog is designed to document our travels while sharing our journey with family and friends. We are honored you have chosen to tune in.

And, while we’ll be chronicling our retirement adventures here, we’ve also added blogs from before we finished working.


We’ve always been very lucky to have the time and resources to explore the world, even while we were employed.

We believe the world is filled with places to discover and people to meet. From east to west and from top to bottom, we hope to experience the Earth from as many angles as possible. Marnie’s mom Peggy often asked at the end of the day, “What did you learn today?” As a result, we are life-long learners. As we embark on this journey, like we’ve always done in our lives, we plan to learn. In turn, we hope this blog will allow you to learn a little about our world as well.

Our first stops included New York City and various adventures in South America. Since then we’ve hit six of the seven continents and have incorporated new ways of travel along the way. We’ve got many other destinations on our “to do” list still to come.

So, come along…the journey is underway!

Marnie and Steve

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