City Day

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Every trip we take includes a trudge, a long walk that seems to go on forever. We’ve trudged all over the world. Today we trudged through Buenos Aires and it was a perfect day for it. Being Christmas, the city was dead. No traffic, no crowds, and a lot of closed stores made for easy exploration of the city’s neighborhoods and parks. Our new Fitbits said we did around nine miles of walking.

We we stopped for pizza in Recoleta and then strolled by the botanical gardens and the zoo.

Restaurant in Recoleta

As the afternoon wore on, more people began to emerge. We finally pooped out at about 4:00 and grabbed a taxi back to the hotel.

It’s very warm here. We saw a sign that said 35 degrees Celsius, which equates to about 95 degrees Fahrenheit and that was at 8:00 pm.

The weather reports said it was over 100 degrees at mid day. That’s no big deal for us, coming from Arizona, but the Porteños are complaining.

Tomorrow we catch an early flight to Mendoza and begin our education of Argentine wines.

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