Estancia Peuma Hue

Bariloche, Argentina
Today we travelled to Bariloche which was a two hour flight south of Mendoza. We in the North Patagonia region of Argentina in an area called the Lake District. Our dear friend Lucia raved about her visit here last year, so we had to check it out. Lucia, you were right when you said Bariloche is bellisimo.

Our driver said there are 30 lakes in the area and our estancia is on the southern tip of Lake Gutierrez. An estancia is basically a ranch but we’ve compared this one to Cheley Camps with luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and happy hour each evening. Here we will be able to hike, ride horses, kayak, and do any number of other activities. Or do nothing.

It’s hard to describe this paradise and hopefully these initial pictures will give you an idea of this heaven on earth. This afternoon, after a wonderful three course meal, we did a little hike on the mountain above the property. We made it to a nearby waterfall and an old avalanche area. We’re hoping the weather holds out in the coming days so we can more exploring. Rain is in the forecast and it’s really windy today. However, up in the forest you are protected from the elements and the hiking was perfect.

The estancia has four Golden Retrievers that accompany hikers, greet you at the gate, swim in the lake, and pretty much bring the joy that only a dog can bring. So far we’ve met three of the four dogs. Tara is the youngest and we found her chasing geese into the lake. She enjoyed our game of fetch and then got in trouble for not coming when the owner called her. Gandhi appears to be old, wise, and very happy to have his ears rubbed. Alpha also made a welcoming appearance and we’re stilling waiting to meet the fourth. Stayed tuned on that one.

Tonight we have happy hour followed by dinner. We’re looking forward to meeting the other guests who come from all over the world and with whom we’ll share the New Year celebrations.

Please keep your comments coming as we love to hear from you all.

Adios por ahora!

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