A Day of Rest, Sort Of

San Ignacio, Belize
Today was a free day in San Ignacio. After a leisurely breakfast we grab a cab and went into the bustling little city. Since it’s Christmas eve there were lots of people out doing their last minute shopping. we stopped at the police and they were having a party for local children.


San Ignacio Christmas Party!

We met some cute kids during our visit. Like during most of our vacations, Steve stopped and got his haircut. It’s become a tradition. Last year he got his haircut in Uruguay on Christmas Eve. We also visited the farmers market which is always an interesting experience. After a few hours in the city we return to the Windy Hills resort for a leisurely afternoon. We laid in the hammock, swam in the pool, and just enjoyed the facilities. Tomorrow we head out on a three day canoe trip. This adventure will include camping and no running water. Oh, and no Wi-Fi. So it will be a few days before you hear from us. Stay tuned for pictures. But first we will go into town once more and have Christmas eve dinner with the group. There is supposed to be a big Christmas festival and we plan to check that out as well. Merry Christmas from Belize!

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