Go Slow

Happy New Year!

The motto on Caye Caulker is “go slow,” so we did. This place is so laid back that it’s hard to do anything but. After a great breakfast at Glenda’s, which is in Glenda’s house on Back Street (cinnamon roll comes with every meal!), we wandered through the neighborhood at the south end of the island.


Glenda’s menu

The better cabanas and guest houses are in this area. We’re staying in the center of all the activity and our place is once again basic. Rooms at our hotel run $30 a night, even in the high season. If we return to Caye Caulker, we’ll splurge on something in the south end. While we’ve been satisfied with our mostly adequate accommodations throughout this trip, I told Steve the next trip will have a little more luxury.

We spent the rest of our day swimming and lounging at the Split where the music blares and the beer flows. The Split was the scene of the New Years Eve party last night, as well as the hangover recovery site for many today. Luckily, we were feeling great and enjoyed the scene. We also spent some time reading, relaxing, and enjoying the view from one of the island’s many piers.

We finished a great day with another group dinner, this time at Wish Willy’s. The restaurant is in this guy’s backyard and for one price you get all you can eat fish, pork, chicken, and lobster. Oh, and rum punch is included too. All for about $17 per person.

One more ore full day to go. We’ll make the most of it.

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