Running & Biking Colorado

It’s time for the July marathon but we’re turning this one into a big roadtrip. The big event was in Aspen but we made some great stops along the way.

First stop was in Cortez, CO and we were pleasantly surprised with our short stay. If you ever pass through Cortez don’t miss La Casita de Cortez, the best Mexican food we’ve had since Mexico. We followed our heavy meal with a nice 15 mile bike ride through the countryside around Cortez.

Next we headed towards Montrose via Durango, Silverton, and the beautiful San Juan mountains. This was new territory for both of us and it was spectacular. Though we only drove through, the quaint historic mining towns and towering peaks made us want to return.3T8J0TBNRBy0gsRMsXMT3wanZ3VZ21QMSGGRWbEK+8bA3T8J0TBNRBy0gsRMsXMT3w

From Montrose we visited Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It gave us another stamp in our Passport book, but more importantly, surprised us with its natural beauty.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

With our new friend, Traveler the Terrier



The Painted Wall

After two days on the road we landed in the Aspen area and met up with our dear friend Sam. The three of us spent the weekend enjoying the bikes on the nearby Rio Grande Trail, eating great meals, and of course, running.

Playing around in Aspen

Steve completed his 7th marathon for the year with the Aspen Valley Marathon. Sam and I did the 5K after cheering Steve through the finish.

Steve finishing, Sam’s high five

Champagne at the finish

Views from the 5K course

Sam showing enthusiasm on the course


It almost never happens and was likely due to the small field of runners but I finished second in my age group! It was 45th overall but I’ll take it as a victory!!

After a night at Sam’s place, we’re headed east towards Gary and Kristy’s place and then to RAGBRAI. Stay tuned for more fun!

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