On the Road with our Grand Design

The past few months have been a challenge for everyone. For us, being forced to abandon our travel plans and come home due to the coronavirus was disappointing. We know, however, that we are supremely lucky to have such minuscule problems. We are also overly grateful to have been able to use this time to 1) fix my foot and 2) shop for and buy a new home away from home.  Our next adventure begins now.

When we bought our trailer last year we really liked it and thought it was just what we needed.  It didn’t take long, however, to find out that we just needed more space. And, since we are planning to travel for months at a time, a little more elbow room was really appealing.  So, without further ado, meet our new fifth-wheel…a Grand Design Reflection 150 295RL!IMG_8047

The trailer has a lot of the same features we had before including a fireplace, TV, recliners, and separate bath. And then it has more…a convection microwave, a kitchen island, auto leveling, and a huge pantry! We know this is a bit “over the top” but we justified it by planning months-long trips over the next years.


Here’s a gallery of photos to give you an idea of the extravagance we’ve just gotten into.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what’s next? Well, we’re headed to the northern California coast and then north to Oregon.  We plan to spend July in Oregon and August in Washington State. From there we aren’t sure where we’ll head. Our goal is to socially distance, use the bath and kitchen in our rig, and get a lot of fresh air.

And the foot? It’s all good news. The doctor cleared me to slowly begin transitioning out of the boot. I’ll wear it when I’m up and active but can walk around the house without it.  Continuing physical therapy on my own, I’m supposed to return to the see the doctor in September/October.  That will likely determine our travel plans.

So, we’re off! We hope you’ll follow along with the blog and our Track My Tour map. As always, we love your comments.

2 thoughts on “On the Road with our Grand Design

  1. Have a Great Time it’s a wonderful new life for both of you having your home with you all the time not having to lug your backpacks around and being able to eat healthy food stay safe take care keep us posted we miss you here and pray your travels are always safe and the puppies are happy to.🥰👍❣️

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