Enjoying our Time in and around Homer

We were so lucky, again this summer, to be visited by our neighbors and friends, Dave and Peggy Armstrong. They visited us in Montana last summer and in Homer this summer. While they had family and friends to visit, we still got to spend quite a bit of time together.  Between fish frys at the RV park and a contribution to the legendary Salty Dawg Saloon, we explored the town of Homer from top to bottom. 

One day we all took the ferry to the cute village of Seldovia. Located across Kachemak Bay, Seldovia is advertised as “Alaska’s Best Kept Secret.” There is no road system connecting the town to other communities, so all travel is by boat or plane.

The small seaside town boasts dozens of wood carvings and was brimming with flowers. This place oozed Alaska charm.

If you have Homer on your itinerary we highly recommend a day trip to Seldovia!

On another day, Peggy, Sam, and I set out on a small boat across the Bay to the trailhead for the Glacier Lake, Grewingk Tram, and Saddle Trails. We weren’t really sure what we were in for but…wow!

First we hiked to the tram, which is used to transport hikers across the roaring river. The tram is operated by hand and thank goodness we had Sam to help us pull ourselves across. Peggy and I each went out over the water, but Sam passed on that adventure. 

Next we continued our hike to the Grewingk Glacier Lake, which is fed by the Grewingk Glacier.   The lake is filled with large chunks of ice which have broken off the glacier. The floating ice along the shore were an extraordinary sight!

We finished our 8.5 mile hike at the beach in Halibut Cove where our boat picked us up and took us back to Homer. What a fun day!

While we focused on hiking, Steve and Dave got in some halibut and salmon fishing. On two separate days they got out on the water. One trip was highly successful with each guy catching their limit of sockeye salmon.

The fish has already made it back to AZ and is in our freezer awaiting our return!

Steve continues to capture the amazing array of wildflowers that bloom across Alaska in the summertime. We don’t know the names of them all, but they sure are pretty.

Summer is certainly a beautiful time to be exploring Alaska. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like here in the winter, but we’re certainly enjoying the season.

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