Red Lights, Green Beer, and Yellow Bikes

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are shooting for the FULL Amsterdam experience. One day in town and we’ve already covered a lot of ground. Since our last report we explored the Red Light District and saw most of what it has to offer. The sight of scantily clad women in windows and the smell of weed wafting from the coffeehouses reminded us of the things we chose not “enjoy.” Still, we partook in the revelry by visiting several pubs and making friends with a number of other tourists. One group, in particular,caught our attention. Dads and Lads, a group of about 30 men in matching orange shirts, seemed to be everwhere we were.

Red light district pub

After everyone had a few pints we learned that they were a group of Englishmen, fathers and 21-year old sons, celebrating the young men’s coming of age. What a place to come of age! With your Dad, no less!

Today we rented bicycles and explored the City. We rode along picturesque canals and busy city streets, always safe in a wide bike lane. We explored the beautiful Central Park-like Vondelpark, which was filled with sunbathers, runners, bikers, and families.


Marnie and her yellow bike

We landed at the Heineken Experience and couldn’t pass it up. See the pictures below of our tour.

Eventually we decided to stop for a sandwich in Leidseplein Square. This is a popular area of the city with restaurants, bars, and street performers. Just as we sat down we watched a frail-looking old, toothless man erect a large pole with ropes attached. We were curious. Just about the time our food was delivered, the man stripped down to a bejewled thong and proceeded to do a Cirque du Soleil acrobat show right above us. The pictures we captured don’t do the spectacle justice.


Thongman of Leidsplein

Tonight we are headed out to find a pub where we can meet more friends and enjoy the USA vs. Ghana match. It will be interesting to see who the Europeans are cheering for.

We love your comments so please write back and let us know how things are back home.

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