Anne and Vincent's Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last night we watched the USA fall to Ghana in the World Cup and today we met a family from Ghana. They were so nice, it was hard to be upset about the loss. They were buying their two small boys Netherlands jerseys to wear tomorrow during the Netherlands vs. Slovakia. Of course, they were wearing the Ghana colors proudly today!

On the way to our viewing location in Rembrandtplein we again passed through the Red Light District and couldn’t pass up a quick photo of the condomerie. Note the little Sun Devil condoms in the photo below. Go Devils!


Painted condoms?

Today we toured the Anne Frank House. Our visit to the Secret Annex was moving and a reminder that prejudice, discrimination, and violations of human rights have been a continuing battle for mankind for centuries. Anne was a prety enlightened little girl. No photos are allowed on the tour but you can learn more at

From there we walked along the canals to the museum district and endured a short wait to enter the Van Gogh Museum. While we’re not normally big museum fans, that Vincent Van Gogh painted some cool stuff. In the space of just 10 years he cranked out over 800 paintings, more than 1000 drawings, and other sketches and water colours. The museum included most of his classic pieces including Sunflowers and Wheatfield with Crows. Too bad he ended his life at the age of 37, but not before he cut off his own ear.


I AmSterdam

Following our museum morning we enjoyed pizza, beer, a good workfout and a good nap. Tonight we plan to stroll through the Jordann area and soak up the atmosphere.

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