The Day We’ve Been Waiting For

Belize City, Belize
Thanks to sister Marla and brother-in-law Cory we made it to the airport in time to catch an early flight to DFW. Our original 7:00am flight was delayed and we would have missed our connection in Dallas. Luckily we got the last two seats on the 6:00 am flight, which gave us an extra hour in Dallas. We’ve flown through Dallas last two years on our way to Argentina and Brazil, so we know how to pass the time. Free wifi, walks, and lunch.

The arrival into Belize City was uneventful and we’re at the Coningsby Hotel for our first night in Belize City. This isn’t really the kind of place to wander around, so we’re in for the night and on the road early tomorrow morning.


Basic room at the Coningsby Hotel in Belize City

Our room can best be described as basic. This evening we met our fellow travelers (3 Europeans, 6 Canadians & 4 Americans) and our guide Daniel who is from Costa Rica. After a brief orientation (don’t flush paper in the toilets, how and where to exchange money, and other important details), we shared a few Belikins (Belize’s beer) and dinner with our new friends.


Welcome to Belize!

Tomorrow we travel by public bus to the border of Belize and Guatemala, cross the border, and then settle into the town of Flores, our base from which we’ll explore the Mayan ruins of Tikal. It will be a long travel day but worth it. Stay tuned for details.

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