A Day of Rest

Bariloche, Argentina
There’s not much to report from today because we did almost nothing today. After a leisurely breakfast, reading, lunch, massages, and more reading, it was time for cocktails and dinner. Steve did manage to listen to the Husker game on the internet and they won, so life is good.

It was a good day to stay in, as it rained and was cold all day. When the clouds cleared in the evening, the mountains around us were dusted in fresh snow. While most of the guests here still enjoyed the activities of the estancia, it was a bit chilly for us desert dwellers.

In the morning we head to the airport for our 24 hour plus journey home. Bariloche to Buenos Aires, change airports, layover, Dallas, layover, Phoenix. We hope to be back in the desert by noon on Friday.

What a fantastic adventure we’ve had in Argentina. We are already thinking about our next visit, probably to the southern part of Patagonia and Chile.

Thanks for reading the blog and for following along on our adventure!

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