And It Begins Again

We’ve had about a month at home in Prescott to enjoy spending time with Dad, our wonderful neighbors, and the dogs. We survived bronchitis (Marnie & Dad), a dislocated hip (Mia, the poodle), and a full 26.2 marathon (Steve). It’s time to travel!Neighborhood Mexican Train Tournament

We are in the Caribbean for the next month and will post updates periodically as Internet allows.

This trip is in honor of our dear niece Lauren. “Little girl” graduated from high school last week and we have brought her along to celebrate her big achievement. Actually, we’ve offered all of our nieces and nephews (we have ten) a trip to the location of their choice when they graduate from high school. Lauren is the first and she picked the British Virgin Islands. So here we are!!

We flew from Phoenix to Miami where we spent a short night at a nearby Marriott. Though the visit was short, Lauren counts it as her first visit to Miami. The next day we flew to St. Maarten. This leg of the trip included Lauren’s first time exiting the plan on stairs. So many firsts!!

We spent our first night in the Islands at the cute Mary’s Boon Resort. Our ocean facing room, with a comfy rasta-striped hammock chair on the deck made for a great place to ease into island life.

We hung at the beach, mostly. Beach chair, beach bar, beach restaurant. Lauren had her first rum runner. She liked it!

The real adventure begins tonight when we board our yacht charter and begin our sail to the British Virgin Islands. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “And It Begins Again

  1. Oh, Marnie, what a wonderful adventure for Lauren, and so much fun for you watching her new discoveries! Have a great time. I love the BVI’s. The water is incredibly turquoise and the sand soft. Enjoy!

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