St. Martin Everyday

This week we wrap up our island adventures after three weeks on St. Martin and a week in the BVI. We’ve really settled into a nice routine and are beginning to feel like part of the community. Each day is marked with routine plus something new.

The routine part of each day is going to Gymfit to work out. It’s a friendly place and we have enjoyed attending classes and using the fitness equipment. Even though almost everyone speaks French, a smile goes a long way. We have been hitting the gym for an hour or two every morning.

After the gym we seek out a new adventure each day. Some days this has meant going to a new beach. Friar’s Beach, the home of Kali’s Beach Bar was one of our favorites.

On another day we took the tour of Topper’s Rhum Distillery. Their rhum has won numerous awards and comes in a bunch of yummy flavors. We tried jalapeño peach, almond, popcorn, and several more flavors. In the end we bought a bottle of coconut flavored rhum, and we look forward to sharing it with friends and family when we get home.

We spent one day exploring the French city of Marigot. High above the city is Fort Louis, which was used in the 1700s to protect the port and surrounding areas from invaders and pirates.

Now the Fort is a decaying ruin that hints at the past and provides tourists sweeping views of the marina below. We could even see the catamaran on which we sailed to the BVI below.

Our visit to the Fort did satisfy one goal we have for every trip: climb to a high point!

Of course we have also checked out some of St. Martin’s culinary highlights. At Spiga, Steve enjoyed cioppino with fresh seafood.I loved the chicken with asparagus and sweet potatoes.

Another must-do while on St. Martin is a visit to Loterie Farm. High in the hills above Marigot, this former sugar plantation is now home to a tropical forest and a really cool place to spend the day.

We took a short hike through the hurricane-damaged forest to be rewarded with sweeping views of the Caribbean below.

After hiking, we settled into our poolside day bed and enjoyed the sun and fun. Steve watched World Cup games with locals and I read a book.

Lunch served poolside just added to the perfection.

A large group of very fit and very energetic young people arrived and it soon became obvious that they were all entertainers from the cruise ship that was docked on the island today. They kept us entertained most of the afternoon. Here’s a video that gives a sample of the fun

While the entertainers will probably not be there when you visit, we highly recommend a visit to Loterie Farm.

Our final day on St. Martin was spent at the beach in Philipsburg, trying to savor one more day of warm turquoise and warm sea breezes. We were almost out of sunscreen so we knew it was about time to head home.

We topped off the trip with a nice dinner at one of St. Martin’s best French restaurants. Bistro Caraibes is known for its lobster, which swims in a tank in the front of the establishment. Steve picked the lucky one, which was quickly turned into lobster thermidor, the best lobster he’s ever had.

We topped it all off with the most perfect crème brûlée ever.

St. Martin had treated us well. As we prepare to return to Prescott (for just a few weeks before the next adventure), we are looking forward to seeing our family, friends, and dogs.

One thought on “St. Martin Everyday

  1. Just watched a special on the 3 hurricanes that did so much destruction almost a year ago. Interesting reading & seeing your visit to this area. Still so much natural beauty. See you soon!

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