Steve’s Ninth Marathon

After our wonderful time in Colorado we headed north for Cheyenne WY. In Steve’s quest to run a marathon a month, he completed the Cheyenne Marathon. Last month in Iceland he hurt his calf at about mile two. He’s been nursing it, taking it easy, and this time he did great! He finished the race in about 4 and 1/2 hours despite a warm morning.

Race #9 for the year is in the books and now Steve’s thinking ahead to the last three marathons on the calendar: Wichita, Havana, and Honolulu. We’ll for sure do a blog post or two to report on these events.

In Cheyenne, as Steve approached the finish line I handed him Mia and she crossed the finish with him! She even was there to help him get his medal. She has gotten to be a great travel companion over the last two weeks. In Cheyenne she joined us at a brewery that was located right on the Union Pacific train line, and she watched the trains chug by while we had lunch. She loves to ride in the car, sits quietly in restaurants while we eat, and loves to sleep in hotels! Now we’re thinking about other adventures she might enjoy.

Once the race was over we began the long journey home. Whenever possible we try to take new roads. This time we traveled west across southern Wyoming and spent the night in Rock Springs. From there we went south into Utah, stopping at Dinosaur National Park and then further south to Arches National Park in Moab.

Arches is a beautiful park with plenty of opportunities for short hikes to explore the rocks. We spent the afternoon checking it out, taking photos, and sharing it with Mia.

We’ve been on the road for two weeks and it’s time to head home tomorrow.

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