We are RVers!

I never in a million years thought we’d be doing this.  We bought an RV and are going camping.  Actually, after our successful road trip with Mia in September, we decided that now is the best time to hit the road, dog in tow, and explore the USA. National Parks, festivals, events, and hopefully the Alaska Highway…you know, the typical retiree circuit.  And we’ve gone all in.

A few weeks ago, Steve purchased the Grey Ghost.  It’s a Ford F-250 4×4 truck with the ultimate tow package.  This sucker is big! IMG_5650







Once we had the Ghost, we knew what our capabilities would be, and after visiting numerous RV dealers we settled on the Jayco White Hawk 25FK.  Our new trailer is a 30 foot tow-behind with a separate bedroom and bath, fireplace, and outside kitchen. IMG_5807It’s been a crash course in learning all we could about RVs.  Black tanks, gray tanks, amps, and pumps…we’re a little overwhelmed but getting it all figured out.  In the last week we’ve bought a generator, water pressure regulator, power management system, and a bunch of other “necessities.” We’re certainly keeping Amazon busy, and we are super excited with our new toys!

Many of you have asked about the trailer, so here are some photos that give you an idea of the interior.  We have a full kitchen, recliners, a TV, fireplace, bathroom and bedroom. It’s just like home on the road!

We took possession of the White Hawk on Friday afternoon and spent our first night at the White Spar campground about two miles from the house.  It was good practice! Neighbors Dave, Peggy, and Tom came over to help us celebrate the purchase.IMG_5686


The following day we took the rig down to my cousin Mitch’s house where the weather is warmer and we can avoid the winterizing process.  The timing was just right as Mitch hosted a Halloween bash that night, so we just camped at his place and enjoyed the festivities.

The following week we were itching to go camping so we towed the rig two miles from Mitch’s place to the Cave Creek Regional Park.  For three nights we enjoyed the desert campground which has electric and water hook ups.  It was a great opportunity to try out all the bells and whistles of the trailer.  And, we had visits from Mitch, Emily, Will, Lauren, and Russ, all of whom helped us enjoy the fun of camping with BBQs and campfires. Lauren even helped us cheer on the Nationals to World Series victory while watching the game beside the fire. Of course we got in a little hiking too.

We have a bunch of fun excursions planned for 2020 and we promise to keep you in the loop!IMG_5808

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