2022 Tampa RV Supershow & Rally

For the second year we attended the biggest RV show in the country, the Tampa RV Supershow. The 2022 show was massive compared to 2021 and we were in the thick of it.

In our role as Lippert Scouts we camped on the grounds of the Florida State Fair with other Scouts. Together we enjoyed a great happy hour sponsored by Lippert, which allowed us to get to know our fellow Scouts and the Lippert staff. You can be a Lippert Scout too! Just join us on Facebook.

Nightly “campfire” chats with plenty of good wine and munchies finished each day. By the end of the week we had renewed friendships made last year and made new friends for life!

Lippert is the largest maker of RV components. They were strongly represented at the show with a fun expo booth which was our meeting place throughout the week. Fun stuff happening there.

Our Scouts leader, Tanya, was always available with energy and a smile…and lots of love for the dogs!

To promote the Scouts program throughout the show, we volunteered to drive golf carts throughout the grounds, offering rides to anyone who needed a lift.

The show grounds are vast and once in the mix of it, it’s easy to get lost. Both of us drove tired and lost souls to their cars, to food, to the exits…wherever they needed to go. Along the way we learned their stories and offered a little information about Lippert Scouts. Everyday was a new adventure, driving through crowds of over 20,000 people, dodging the daily parade of entertainers.

Of course we did a little shopping throughout the week. We checked out the latest models of our favorite brands and drooled on a few. Ultimately we reminded ourselves that the rig we have is just perfect! Of course, we bought several doo-dads for our trailer to make it even more perfect!

We had such a fun week making new friends and connecting with those we hadn’t seen in a year. We’re already looking forward to next year.

After a high energy, busy, 100% RV week, we’re now settled in a beautiful state park, resting up, restocking, and getting back to “normal.” 

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