Jonathan Dickinson State Park

When you score two weeks at a Florida State Park in January, you jump on it. After our busy week in Tampa at the RV Supershow, two weeks of sitting in one place sounded great. Jonathan Dickinson State Park (JDSP), located just north of Jupiter, Florida, is a perfect place to chill.

This state park is located just across from Highway 1 and the Intercoastal Waterway and backs the Loxahatchee River. Complete with history, a varied ecosystem, and lots of trails, we kept busy for a full two weeks.

Most days we started with a run or bike ride through the park. With paved paths, single track, and very quiet roads, we had plenty of room to roam. Along the way we saw wildlife including deer, otter, and tortoises. Hard to believe there’s so much wildlife so close to the city.

There’s lots of history in the area as well. Our first exploration was of the 1860s-era Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse where we climbed the 105 steps to the top for sweeping views of the coastline and surrounding area. We even got a certificate for reaching the top!

The Jupiter area is home to large estates, including one owned by Tiger Woods. We enjoyed driving the A1A and peering through the hedges to catch glimpses of the mansions of the rich. Is that creepy?

On the one cold and blustery day we had we drove north to Vero Beach to meet up with our friends Jennifer and Cliff, who we met at Tampa RV Supershow. For some reason we didn’t get any photos of our group at American Icon Brewery but we did get a few shots out at the beach. 

Back near the park we found Blowing Rocks Preserve, a Nature Conservancy site that protects the unique rock structures along the coastline. We wandered up the beach to watch the waves crash up and through the rocks, which made for some good photos and a nice morning.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park is located about 30 minutes north of Palm Beach. With a little research we learned about the Lake Trail, a walking and biking trail along the Intercoastal Waterway that backs the massive mansions that populate Palm Beach. Have you ever seen so many yachts? 

The trail passes the palatial Flagler Museum and a majestic kapok tree that hints to the preservation that allows this area to flourish. 

Also in Palm Beach we strolled the famous Worth Avenue, which is kind of like Rodeo Drive. Filled with swanky restaurants and exclusive boutiques, we fit right in wearing our bike gear.

Then, because we enjoyed Palm Beach so much, we returned to visit what was voted the country’s best farmers market, the West Palm Beach Greenmarket. The large, waterfront market features a huge selection of produce, baked goods, and just yummy stuff. Beauty abounds in this affluent area of Florida. 

Our time on the Treasure Coast was filled with lots of time reading, cooking, and just relaxing, just what we all needed after the Supershow. But the adventures continue and we’ll have more to report soon. 

Everybody enjoyed the rest of Jonathan Dickinson State Park!

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