Redemption at Pacaya

At least ten years ago we cruised to the Panama Canal with a stop at Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala. Our plan at that time was to hike the active Pacaya Volcano. Via the ship’s excursion we made it to the trailhead. But Marnie’s suspected case of Norovirus sent us back to the ship before we even took a step towards the lava. We’ve had this on our bucket list ever since.

Today we embarked on the same excursion, feeling 100% and ready to tackle the trek. Along with 21 other Island Princess passengers we conquered the relatively steep two mile hike up through the jungle until the volcano appeared before us.

Pacaya is very active with the last big flow occurring in 2014. We watched in awe as rocks and smoke shot from the top of the mountain and red lava flowed from its sides.

The so-called “ring of fire” runs through Central America with many active volcanoes throughout the region. We visited several during past trips to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and now we can add Guatemala’s craters to the list.

In total we hiked about four miles and being down close to recent lava flows was a highlight. Now Guatemala is on our list of places to return, as there are many more volcanoes to explore.

Now we’re on our way to the Panama Canal!

2 thoughts on “Redemption at Pacaya

  1. I love that you both do what I wish I could do. Being on the road all around the world there is so many opportunities to do things that so many people don’t now are an option. You guy’s go for it, and take on what you see as a fun and an exciting challenge. I like living vicariously through your challenging experiences. Get better Marn, and keep doing what you do.

    Love you both,
    Cory D

  2. I think we were on that cruise with you 10 years ago. I remember you spent three days in your cabin. Looks like you’re having a great time. OMG–I love cruising.Can’t wait till we get on the Sea Princess in June. I talked to Dad a couple days ago and he’s doing great. Feeding deer and taking care of dogs! ha ha ha

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