Authentic Athens Marathon

Today was the big day! The Authentic Athens Marathon, 26.2 miles from Marathon to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens began at 9am this morning and Steve was at the start line.

Marathon Start Line

See Steve’s race report, in his own words, below.

Along with the marathon, I joined over 18,000 runners from across the world for the 10K (6.2 mile) race.

10K Start Line

Both of us completed our respective races, each course being hillier than expected.

Runners approaching the Finish Line

The highlight in both cases was to finish the run in the marble stadium to fanfare suitable for the gods. We both took photos, so enjoy!

Steve’s Race Report

Start area in Marathon

Marathon, GREECE

Art at the Start in Marathon

Waiting to Start

Cool Art Along the Route

Entering the Stadium in 10K


Party along the route

Marathon finish

Steve’s medal

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